Following a Drop of Water

While preparing for tomorrow’s event with the Auburn Public Library, “Where Does Your Water Come From?” I’ve been looking back through old presentations and found this StoryMap I made for a class trip with Auburn Middle School last winter. This is a quick explanation of how water travels through the watershed and enters Lake Auburn,

Trail Updates

About 2 weeks ago we finally decided on a name for our new trail that we are developing. After months of saying “The new outdoor watershed education trail on the LAWPC property adjacent to Tot Lot” we decided that we needed to STOP doing that. It seems silly that we didn’t think sooner to name

First Post!

Welcome to the Riparian Carolyn Watershed Blog, run by LAWPC Education and Outreach Coordinator Carolyn. Here I will be posting the various things I encounter at work whether it is inside, outside, or an environmental fact/thought I wanted to share. Today I started to prepare for a summer camp field trip that will be visiting