Signs in December

Lake Auburn, Carolyn Houtz Today marks the first day of December. The last few weeks of autumn give way to winter. Animals must ensure they have prepared for the winter’s scarce resources or hibernation. In Mary Hollands Naturally Curious: A Photographic Field Guide and Month-by-Month Journey through the Fields, Woods, and Marshes of New England

Welcoming Rest in November

November in New England is usually the time when we start to settle into the season as winter gets closer. Thanksgiving often marks the unofficial switch to a winter mentality. Gathering with loved ones over a meal and sharing stories, what you’re grateful for, and filling up on turkey and stuffing. In Naturally Curious: A

Adaptation in October

In October autumn sets in full swing, the changes this month happen rapidly. Cooler early autumn temps give way to hints of winter chill, and life begins to become more challenging for wildlife. In “Naturally Curious: A Photographic Guide and Month-by-Month Journey through the Fields, Woods, and Marshes of New England” by Mary Holland, October

The Biodiversity Crisis

Biodiversity plays a key role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Auburn and Lewiston lay in the most biodiverse bioregion of interior Maine, known as the Central Maine Embayment. The Central Maine Embayment stretches from the Androscoggin River Watershed east toward Bangor, and north from Midcoast Maine toward the Aroostook Hills. The region features rolling plains,

Why Do Healthy Watersheds Matter?

The Lake Auburn Watershed is considered an extremely healthy and clean watershed. Keeping it that way is the goal of the Lake Auburn Watershed Protection Commission. Through collaborative efforts between Lewiston and Auburn and the stewardship of community members, Lake Auburn provides clean, potable water to the people of Lewiston and Auburn. The Lake Auburn

Stormwater Runoff: What is it? How Can We Mitigate it?

What is stormwater runoff? Stormwater runoff is rain that falls on streets, parking areas, sports fields, gravel lots, rooftops or other developed land and flows directly into nearby lakes, and rivers carrying with it pollutants, nutrients, and debris which and negatively impact the health of our watershed. What are some solutions to help mitigate stormwater

Preparation in September

     As September settles in and we see the last days of summer, it is time to welcome autumn. This is a time to take a reprieve from all the summer activities and welcome cool days. As the equinox approaches, and humans prepare for the shorter colder days to come, so does the natural