Stormwater Runoff: What is it? How Can We Mitigate it?

What is stormwater runoff? Stormwater runoff is rain that falls on streets, parking areas, sports fields, gravel lots, rooftops or other developed land and flows directly into nearby lakes, and rivers carrying with it pollutants, nutrients, and debris which and negatively impact the health of our watershed. What are some solutions to help mitigate stormwater

Preparation in September

     As September settles in and we see the last days of summer, it is time to welcome autumn. This is a time to take a reprieve from all the summer activities and welcome cool days. As the equinox approaches, and humans prepare for the shorter colder days to come, so does the natural

A Deep Dive into iNaturalist

Are you familiar with the apps iNaturalist and Seek? Curious about what kind of plants, bugs, or animals you may be seeing on the trails near Lake Auburn, or in your back yard?   iNaturalist is an online database and social network for sharing biodiversity information to help each other learn about nature. iNaturalist helps

Show us what Lake Auburn means to you!

While you’re outside in the Watershed take some pictures! Submit HERE for a chance to have your photos featured on our Instagram and Facebook pages! We want to see what Lake Auburn means to you.   Keep your eyes peeled for a post about our 2024 Calendar submissions which will be opening up in August

Welcoming Dylan to the team!

We are excited to welcome our new Education and Outreach Coordinator to our team! Dylan Hertzberg graduated from the University of Vermont in 2020 where he studied Environmental Science. During his time as an undergraduate he focused his studies on Green Building and Community design, taking classes related to landscape and community design, alternative energies,

August Dispersal

Phenology: The study of cyclic and seasonal natural phenomena, especially in relation to climate and plant and animal life.  In other words, phenology is the study of how things change in nature over the year. How does the weather change month to month? What kind of animals are we seeing or hearing? What do the

Following a Drop of Water

While preparing for tomorrow’s event with the Auburn Public Library, “Where Does Your Water Come From?” I’ve been looking back through old presentations and found this StoryMap I made for a class trip with Auburn Middle School last winter. This is a quick explanation of how water travels through the watershed and enters Lake Auburn,

Trail Updates

About 2 weeks ago we finally decided on a name for our new trail that we are developing. After months of saying “The new outdoor watershed education trail on the LAWPC property adjacent to Tot Lot” we decided that we needed to STOP doing that. It seems silly that we didn’t think sooner to name

First Post!

Welcome to the Riparian Carolyn Watershed Blog, run by LAWPC Education and Outreach Coordinator Carolyn. Here I will be posting the various things I encounter at work whether it is inside, outside, or an environmental fact/thought I wanted to share. Today I started to prepare for a summer camp field trip that will be visiting