The City of Lewiston and Auburn Water District recognize that without Lake Auburn they would not be able to provide safe potable water to its citizens and commercial users. Ordinances provide guidelines and standards to safeguard the interests of the people of the L-A area.

Included are some of the most frequently applied standards to the Lake Auburn Watershed. Please contact the City of Auburn and/or Auburn Water District if you have any planned activity within the watershed such as new buildings or additions, tree cutting or earth moving, commercial activity, etc. There may be other ordinances and permitting requirements that you will have to meet.

The following Legislative Documents established the rights for the cities of Lewiston and Auburn to provide public drinking water:

The Lewiston Water Utility is permitted by 1873 Private & Special Laws, Chapter 386 approved February 27, 1873; and 1899 Private & Special Laws, Chapter 153 approved March 15, 1899 to provide water from various sources to the City of Lewiston and its inhabitants.