Below is a list of the current watershed protection commissioners:

Camille Parrish, Chair
City of Auburn Representative

Camille was elected as a LAWPC commissioner for the city of Auburn in 2019. She has lived in Auburn for over 30 years. Camille is an environmental scientist, currently working in the Environmental Studies Program at Bates College. She has had the opportunity to be involved with water quality sampling of Lake Auburn and review the lake and stream data over the years. Camille’s primary focus is on LAWPC’s mission of watershed protection to maintain the quality of the drinking water supply for its users. She is also interested in continuing low impact recreational use of the surrounding land, where feasible.

Glen Holmes, Vice Chair
Towns of Minot, Hebron, and Buckfield Representative

Glen E. Holmes became a Commissioner for LAWPC in 2022, representing the communities of Minot, Hebron, and Buckfield. Glen has been involved in water quality for more than a decade, serving on the Board of Assessors of the Buckfield Village Corporation (the water company for Buckfield). Glen has served several years as the Board’s Chair and spent time working with the other Assessors to ensure safe drinking water for all residents within the district. Glen also serves as the Chairman of the Buckfield Planning Board and Chairs the Buckfield Budget Committee. Glen currently works in the Business and Community Development Department for the City of Auburn.

david chittim David Chittim
Lewiston City Councilor

David Chittim joined the Commission in 2024 as a newly elected City Councilor representing Ward 6 in Lewiston. He is a licensed Professional Engineer, Land Surveyor, and recently retired Site Evaluator (septic system designer), having spent nearly fifty years in these disciplines. He holds a master’s degree in environmental engineering and over the course of his career has been intimately involved with projects involving groundwater hydrology. Although he and his family have obtained their water from a dug well since moving to Lewiston in 1977, he is passionate about preserving and protecting the water quality for all residents who consume Lake Auburn water.

Dan Bilodeau
Auburn Water District Representative

Dan was born and raised in Auburn, having recently moved in the Lake Auburn watershed in 2004. His home was the first Low Impact Development (LID) house built in the area. He currently serves as both an Auburn Water District Trustee (2014) and as a Commissioner for LAWPC since 2019. He is a father of two daughters and he’s employed as an airline pilot. You’re most likely to find him building or maintaining multi-use recreational trails near his home, Lake Auburn, and the Lost Valley areas. Having served on both of Auburn’s Comp Plan Committee(s), the Planning Board and Forest Board, his goal is to update watershed governances by taking a modern approach, with using science and data.


City of Lewiston Representative – Vacant

Alan Holbrook
Town of Turner Representative

Alan became a Commissioner for LAWPC in 2020 but has been living in the Lake Auburn Watershed for over 50 years. As a kid he would spend much of his time walking on Spring Road and at the North Auburn Cash Market. He graduated from the University of Maine in 1986 with a degree in Psychology, and has been a social worker for the past 30 years. Alan and his wife currently live in Turner and their daughter also lives in the watershed. Alan is very pro-environment and enjoys hiking, kayaking, and snowshoeing. His goals are to maintain the high-quality water in Lake Auburn, and finding a balance between recreation and conservation.


Brad Kowalski
City of Auburn Representative

Brad is an Auburn resident and currently serves as a trustee on the Auburn Sewer Committee and as a director for the Lake Auburn Watershed Neighborhood Association. In his personal life, Brad is a parent and guardian, and spent many years as a contractor and builder of log homes from sustainable forests to foundation. He also spent many years installing septic systems. More recently Brad and his son Corey have been building an insurance business. Brad enjoys spending time with his family, skiing, hiking, and fishing. Brad and his family spend a lot of time around Lake Auburn and the Basin and find it important to be involved in its protection to maintain the watersheds’ health and pristine conditions so future generations can enjoy Lake Auburn as we do today.

Amy Landry, Secretary
AVCOG Executive Director

Amy joined LAWPC in 2017 by position as the Executive Director for Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments (AVCOG). A lifelong resident of Lewiston, Amy obtained an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University and a B.S. in Business Administration/Management from Bryant University, in Smithfield, RI. Amy joined AVCOG in 1996 and has been the Executive Director since 2017. She lives in Lewiston with her husband and two high school aged daughters. Although she spends much of her time watching soccer, hockey and lacrosse games, when she isn’t following her daughters’ activities, she enjoys trail walking and hiking, camping, and traveling through Western Maine. Amy endeavors to support the maintained high water quality standards while balancing recreational opportunities in the watershed.


Kevin Gagné
City of Lewiston Director of Public Works

Kevin has a 30-year tenure at the department of public works in Lewiston. Most recently, he was the deputy director of utilities. He has also served as deputy director of public services, assistant water and sewer department superintendent, combined sewer overflow and water system coordinator, project engineer, and construction inspector/survey technician. Kevin now manages a department that includes Building Division, Engineering Division, Municipal Garages, Highway Division, Trees and Open Spaces Division, Solid Waste Division, and Stormwater Utility Division. Kevin is a Maine licensed professional engineer who grew up in Auburn and graduated from Edward Little High School.