Below is a list of the watershed protection commissioners and staff, as well as the annual meeting schedule.

Unless otherwise noted, all meeting are held at the office of Androscoggin Valley County Council of Governments (AVCOG), 125 Manley Road, Auburn at 3:30PM. If you have any questions please call our office at (207) 784-6469.


Chair, Steve French, Representative of Hebron, Minot, and Buckfield
Vice Chair, Evan Cyr, City of Auburn Representative
Camille Parrish, City of Auburn Representative
Dan Bilodeau, Representative of Auburn Water District
Mary Ann Brenchick, City of Lewiston Public Works Director
Caleb Roebuck, City of Lewiston Councilor
Daniel Dubé, City of Lewiston Representative
Alan Holbrook, Representative of the Town of Turner
Amy Landry, Executive Director, AVCOG


Clerk: Sid Hazelton, P.E.
Clerk: Kevin Gagne, P.E.
Treasurer: Heather Hunter
Secretary: Mike Broadbent
Watershed Manager: Erica Kidd
Education & Outreach Coordinator: Carolyn Houtz

2022 Meeting Schedule:

February 9

April 13

June 8

September 14

November 9

December 7 (as necessary for budget adoption)